Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week 10: I dislike teenagers and bras

This week has been an interesting one, especially on Wednesday. But before that... I have been dealing with school, of course. But I have been going to a deli in Clarksville/ Columbia area that is owned by the parents of one of my sorority sisters. It is called, Ruthie's Deli & Cafe.

It is a small deli with wifi in the store and the nicest ladies making the sandwiches. I went there twice about two weeks ago since it was 5-15 minutes away from the elementary schools I went to for Brickz for Kids. 
This is the Ruthie Panini, which has corned beef, cole slaw, swiss cheese with Russian dressing on rye bread

This is the Bulgogi Sandwich, which has Korean style marinated beef with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and banana peppers. 

Out of the two of them, I liked the Bulgogi Sandwich the best. I think that the meat was sweet and delicious with a nice tartness from the banana peppers and a little heat. It was delicious. You can add fresh fruit instead of chips for an extra $1.50? I think, but I feel like it is worth it since I felt so much healthier after eating the fruit. Plus, I am in love with fruit. 

Anyways... back to my story... This Wednesday, I went to a new elementary school to work with these two teenagers (Jake and Sam) since I will be taking over their class next week. They are going to be leaving for spring sports. I was talking to Jake about this senior year of high school and he was complaining to me about how hard it was. Here was the convo:

Jake: Senior year is really tough. It is the hardest year of high school. 
Me: Well, after AP exams you can coast and not show up to school basically. 
Jake: I can't. I am already in hot water, I can't get into any more trouble. 
Me: What did you do?
Jake: (after like 10 minutes of asking) I got suspended... I got turnt at school. I got turnt on a water bottle and a half of Grey Goose. I threw up in the hallway. If I made it to the bathroom, I would have never gotten caught. 

I was silent after this for a while, I could not believe that this happened. So I started to leave the building to go home. 

Me: Well, I don't feel bad for you since I believe you deserve to get caught. But good luck with your senior year and college. 
Jake: What?! Are we never going to see each other again?
Me: No. You are leaving next week, and yeah. 
Jake: What?
Me: When are we ever going to see each other again?
Jake: When we party together
Me: I am 25, I am not going to party with you. 
Sam: Does that mean you can buy us drinks?

Yeah... I hate teenagers. They have no idea how hard life is going to be when you get suspended from school because you were drinking? 

Later that night I went to the mall with my housemate, Young, to get her boobs measured. I have gotten this done since I was 12. But back in the day, the Victoria Secret worker measured me in the middle of the store over my hoodie and jacket. On this night, Young and the sales associate walked to the dressing rooms and went into a room. Young started taking off her jacket and sweater. Internally, I was freaking out. I kept thinking, "Why are we in here? Am I going to have to go topless?" So, I asked, "How far do I need to go?" as I was taking off my jacket. Young told me to about my shirt would be fine since the sales associate can measure through my clothing. 

After she measured the both of us, I moved to a different fitting room. The sales associate gave me a bra in my size and told me to try it on. Once I put it on she told me, "I need to see it on." So I threw on my t-shirt, and walked out. She gave me a crazy look implying that I need to take my shirt off for her to see. She gave me a push up bra instead because... I have no boobs. She came in after I put on the push up. She instructed me to pull on the middle part of the bra. She asked, "Do you mind?" and gestured to my boobs. I said, "No." She started to re-adjust my boobs in this bra for me. I went to second base with this woman and I had no idea what her name was. 

I found out about an hour later what her actual name was. Life lesson: I am apparently easy and let people just touch my boobs. I need a push up. Always. 


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