Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 2: Getting My Frak Together

Yesterday was a day full of... confusion and a mess.

I woke up from very little sleep due to a tow truck honking and honking at people. I went to bed at 2AM and woke up at 8AM. I think that it is going to take me some time to get used to the noises in the neighborhood. I might have to get ear plugs because last night was awful too, getting very little to no sleep.

I started off my day realizing that I have little to no food, and no food that would work well together. So, I had to eat instant noodles.

I spent couple hours looking online and playing around until about 11AM. I went in search of my furniture that I ordered online. I got a 4 cube organizer and a desk. They were super heavy, since I was already there I got moisturizer, batteries, body wash, and night cream. I really needed to get toilet bowl cleaner, and bathroom cleaning supplies, which I totally forgot about. I hate going to Walmart since it is always super crowded and full of WT's. So, I wish there was a Target closer to me.

After Walmart, I went to Shoppers down the shopping plaza, I thought my roommates shopped there all the time. So I thought it would be a great place for me to get some food. It was not... there was little to no food that I wanted, it lacked variety. But I managed to get some essentials: almond milk, cheese, pasta sauce, cherry tomatoes, carrots, yogurt dip, cottage cheese, cereal, pizza rolls, and greek yogurt.

I came home put the groceries away, and start to build my 4 cube organizer shelf. It took me about 20 minutes to get the parts out of the box, only to see that there was no instructions. So I had to call Walmart Customer Service for them to email the a PDF of the instructions. I put it together... kind of... there was two screws that would just not fit in the holes, they were a little off so I decided not to put them in..

I waited for my housemates to come home. I had a little snack of carrots with yogurt dip and some pizza rolls, while enjoying season 4 of CSI: NY. Young didn't come home until about 5, when she came up to my room to see how I was doing. So I asked her if she wanted to hang out by going to Target. She was down, so we spent about an hour touring Target. The trip helped establish my infinite love for Target, and how it was definitely worth the trip.

I got my cleaning supplies, Cheez Its, Velveeta Shells & Cheese, and Telestrations for my housemates. Young (my female housemate) got a bird, some organizer baskets, and a candle. We came home to enjoy some dinner. She had a nice dinner, while I was too lazy to cook so I had Velveeta Shells & Cheese with pizza rolls.

After dinner, we loaded up the Netflix to watch Marvel's The Avengers, which Young has never seen. Before we started the movie, Hyman came home to show off his "ugly" sweater which was pretty nice and eat dinner as we watched the movie. Young was really into the movie which was hilarious. The movie is pretty amazing anyways, and hilarious. Here are it's funniest moments via Youtube: 

It was our first house bonding activity with me now that I moved in and it seemed to go well. I think they might not be ready how much time I suck up, and how needy I am.

But I ended the night with some Adventure time, bed time routine and facetime with my mom. I hit the hay around 11-11:30PM, and it didn't feel like it was enough.

Day 2 was wayyy better than my first day, way less embarrassing. What will day 3 have for me?