Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 25: I got this! Not...

Today is my travel day to Georgia, so last night I laid out all my outfits and accessories for the weekend. I rolled them all into a large packing cube that I have. It left so much room in my suitcase for my toiletries and make up. I guess I can bring home souvenirs? I never really buy them.... I think I am a terrible friend actually. 

This morning I woke up knowing that I only needed to pack my backpack and switch my wallet which wouldn't take very long. So I took my time this morning with making my breakfast and cooking sweet potatoes. I waited until about 1PM to start my yoga workout, which was so much more painful than I thought it would be. Jillian Michaels is an intense instructor, I totally get why she was a coah on the Biggest Loser. After 30 minutes of that, I got distracted by Natalie Tran of Community Channel and her hilariously awkward videos. I absolutely love her humor. 

I think Sunday night when I get to my laptop I will add links and the YouTube videos. The hotel we are currently at does not let me access internet for free. This makes Princess Kim very sad. 

Anyways back to my "I Got This!" moment, I had a 7:05 PM flight to Atlanta, GA today. I planned on driving myself to the airport and parking in the Daily Parking lot. I totally missed the lot when driving and left late. I got super cocky since I now live about 15 minutes from the airport.  So I left my house at 6 not accounting for the bus that needs to take me to the terminal. I was late checking in my bag, so it was going to be on the next flight to Atlanta leaving at 8:10 and arriving at 10:10. This is an hour after I land, I debated whether I should carry on and thought, "Meh this means I can wait for my friend, Diem and travel with her." My flight was boarding at 6:35, I was at security by 6:37. So I was late. Just so late because I was cocky and thought I could do things at my own time. Life lesson: Always arrive at the airport at least 15-30 minutes before the flight boards & always check when your flight is going to board. 

I got priority check in for Southwest meaning that I got A section boarding, but since I was late... I was after C section boarding. The last few people in the plane. 

I feel awful for my friends I traveled with since two of them from NY waited an hour before I arrived. Their flight landed at 8PM and we didn't leave the airport until about 11PM since we waited for Diem who arrived at 9:55, and my bag didn't arrive to about 10:30. When we got there,  my bag wasn't on the carousel; I began to panick on the inside. I had to go to the baggage claim office to ask them about my luggage. They had it! I was so relieved!!! I have learned about when I need to leave for my next trip to Austin in about a month. I know that this won't happen again. 


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