Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 14: I am a Nosy Neighbor

I woke up the snow and hearing my neighbor shoveling the snow. Well that was the 3rd time I woke up that morning. Young called me at 7AM because she accidentally locked herself out of the house, I know she really wanted to see my face in the morning. I look like this:

Honestly, who wouldn't want at this in the morning? Sike, I wish I looked as semi-put together as Hot Mess Morning Anna from Frozen, I am definitely a lot worse. The 2nd time I woke up was because I heard Hyman talking to one of our neighbors. She told him not go out in the snow. 

Since it was soooo cold and snowing, I decided to have Udon for breakfast. After eating that I realized that I needed to cook my broccoli in the fridge. I found some recipes on Food Network and went with Alton Brown's Roasted Broccoli with some modifications. I didn't have any panko bread crumb and I added some onions since I needed to get rid of it. I feel bad cooking so many onions since Young is allergic to them, I feel like I might be killing her slowly. So I made roasted broccoli and I tried to pan roast it as well. That didn't turn out well since I added water and it ended up being steamed and I might have over cooked them. Since I was worried about the smoke alarm going off again, I decided to roast the broccoli in the toaster oven instead.  After cooking that, I had to finish cooking my Lemon Garlic Dump chicken. 

 Oven roasted

Pan Steamed
This picture doesn't look amazing, but it tasted really lemony which I loved. 

Young came home from work early around 1PM because of the snow, and she liked the pan steamed better. I sat with her as she ate lunch and talked about different things. She said that she wanted to take a nap then we could work out, have dinner and watch a movie. I told her that was fine since I had a lot more sorority things I needed to complete. I did that until Hyman came home around 6PM. He went down to eat dinner, and I texted Young to join us. 

For dinner I had chicken, cabbage, broccoli, pesto and oatmeal together. This was uber filling and I didn't want to eat that much after. Just a marshmallow on a chocolate chip cookie. I don't know why, but I thought it would be delicious. It was. 

I just thought the caramelization on the marshmallow was amazing. There is a chocolate graham cracker for Young. 

After dinner, Hyman went upstairs to do work and other things. Young and I decided to watch Dredd on Netflix since she hadn't seen it and I thought she would enjoy it.  After, she wanted to watch a comedy and we went with Horrible Bosses, since she hadn't seen it. In the middle of watching the movie, we ended up hearing a neighbor getting into an argument with a random guy. He was banging on their door so loudly that Young and I thought it was our door and they lived across the street. We went to the window to see what was going on; the man was knocking on the door and screaming at the homeowners. He started walking to the back of the house and kicked a car parked on the street. I called the non-emergency number for the police to let them know. The operator asked if I would be willing to talk to the cops and I said that I was. Young and I continued watching to see where the gentleman walked and did to let the cops know. He disappeared into the woods across the street before the cops arrived. Unfortunately, they didn't end up talking to us, but it was really terrifying to watch. I am really happy that Young was awake with me since I don't think I would have handled it well by myself. 


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