Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Day 1: Moving In and Making My Mark

Yesterday was my first day on my own after moving out of my parent's house to a room in my friend's townhouse. I am renting a room from his house, while I am in graduate school.

This is the first time I have moved out of my parent's house and not into a dorm.

Already it has been an experience of firsts, at the age of 25, I feel as though there should be less of these... But I had a coupe of minor ones and a couple of disgusting big ones.

My dad was unable to help me move to my new room yesterday, which was the first time my dad was not around to help me move. That broke my heart a little, but I understand that his work is important. I had to set up a bed frame a couple of times because I just did not understand how to do it. Every time I thought, "I got this!" I didn't have it. It was too small. I had to adjust it 3 times.

Saying goodbye to my brother and my mom was sad, I almost cried. I am making it seem as though I am moving states away. (Please know I moved 40 minutes away from my house.) I am just super dependent on my parents and my brother.

After coming home from dinner, I was having tummy problems, and I blew up my bathroom... I clogged the toilet my FIRST day. Sigh... I spent about 30 minutes or more trying to plunge a toilet for the first time. It got to a point where my new roommate offered to help and demanded that he come in and help me. No amount of embarrassment in my life can ever top this. None. At. All. I wanted to die, but luckily he was really nice about it. Am I going to avoid him today? You bet I am.

First day in new place with people I have never lived with went... awful in my mind. But the plus side to this whole situation is that I now know how to use a plunger correctly.

I don't think they will want to keep me around for another week. Anyone want to take me in? I promise not to kill the toilet. Just kidding. Hopefully...

I can't wait for day two...


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