Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 8: Valentine's Means I Eat All The Chocolate

Wow, the weeks and time that I am living here has been going by so quickly. Soon it will be that I have lived here for two months. Last Friday, I was going to blog, but I ended up doing homework and going to Pub Dog in Fed Hill with some of my friends. Jimin is one of my friends is starting a blog too. Here is the link, I will say that her blog makes my mouth water. I love looking at her blog and pretending to be there. Wow... writing that down makes me seem like a loser. We also ended up going to Pitango Gelato and getting gelato. It was tons of fun to see them and eat delicious food. Our friend Gina came back from California for her birthday weekend, so we hung out with her. It was awesome.

Graduate school is already kicking my butt, I feel like I am constantly behind and not really informed about what is going on. But I am slowly making friends, a group of girls added me to their WhatsApp chat about the class. They seem really nice and on top of their own assignments. They also seem really close, which makes me feel a little left out.

On top of the stress, I got sick this week. I have been staying at home. I didn't get to go to my field placement because I woke up yesterday not being able to talk. I have been practicing, "I'm Batman" randomly when I am by myself. I have also been trying out my Bane voice too, "Take back your city Gotham!" I look super crazy a lot.

As a roommate bonding activity, Young, Hyman, and I have been playing Heads Up, which is a game that has been made famous by Ellen. It is great. Awesome investment and great amount of entertainment for just a cellphone game. Here are our videos:

This is the Super Heroes category, which I was holding the phone. 

This is Act It Out category. Hyman was holding the phone. 

Yesterday night, Young and I were just hanging out since I spent the whole day at home by myself not talking. I just needed to converse with people! I also started to make chocolate covered strawberries because Valentine's week to me isn't complete without chocolate or strawberries. I wanted to make it for my housemates as well. 

It was super easy to make it since I use microwaveable chocolate and dipped the strawberries right in. It is super important to wash the strawberries and dry them really well or the chocolate will start to harden. Young mentioned to me about how she thought chocolate-covered strawberries were usually only half covered and didn't really like them. She thought it was funny how mine were a 1:1 ratio. Towards the end, the chocolate started to harden from cooling and running out. Young and I crushed about half of them before Hyman came home. We need to finish them tonight. 

If I had a Valentine, I would be making like a zillion of these babies. Actually, let's be honest, if I had more money, I would make a zillion for myself. 

With school and my field placement going on, I haven't been cooking as much or taking pictures of it. I have been missing it. I think I need to start finding a balance in my life. I need to start making time for blogging, e-buddies, volunteering, and my life.

How do people handle it so well?


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